December 01, 2023

WIX podcast website. Is a good choice to build a podcast website?

Sooner or later every podcaster starts thinking about establishing a podcast website, we've already covered the main benefits of having a dedicated website for your show. When selecting a website builder for your podcast, most podcasters consider well-known players like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix. Of course, Wix allows you to build a podcast website, because it allows you to create a website for pretty much any type of business. But is it the most suitable choice for you as a podcaster? In this article, we will carefully cover Wix features and will determine if it is the right platform for your podcast website.

How to build a website for your podcast on WIX?

Wix is a huge platform that was launched in 2006, and over almost 20 years it has grown to 180 million users worldwide. There are two ways you can build a website on Wix: an automated AI-powered tool when you're answering several generic questions within chat and Wix creates the initial version of your website after you complete the chat. The second way is to choose a template and build the website manually - and this is the way you need to move forward when creating a website for your podcast because the first (easier option) doesn't work well, it generates a very generic website that is not suitable for podcasts and you will need to re-create it later on. Let's check the second approach in more detail.

First, you need to choose the type of your website, and search for "podcast" like it's shown in the screenshot below:

wix choose podcast template There are not so many templates for podcasts - you will be able to choose from less than 20 different variants (and we've noticed that not every template will be podcast-oriented), there are a few that you could try to pick and move forward with. Customize your website and try to make it so, that it fits your podcast brand, it may take some time and Wix has a learning curve, so plan accordingly that you will need to dedicate your time to set up a website for your podcast on Wix. When you make your website customized so that it fits your podcast brand, and you will be happy with how your podcast website looks, you need to integrate your podcast into your website and also add the episodes automation, you don't want to upload content to your website about each episode. For podcast integration, you need to use a Wix podcast player application that can be found on Wix App Market

A short overview of the Wix podcast player

Wix Podcast Player allows you to:
Embed and play your podcasts directly on your website
You can import podcast episodes using your RSS feed from your podcast hosting provider
Include both audio and video episodes
Customize and personalize the appearance of episode pages
Automatically update your website with new episodes when you publish them However integrating a podcast player could be also challenging and takes time, you can easily check customer reviews on the Wix App App market and you will find out that there are many challenges users are facing with it: wix podcast audio player reviews on wix app market

Using the Wix site builder for your podcast – Pros

There are several advantages when deciding on Wix as your podcast website builder:
  • The Wix content management system is completely visual, allowing you to edit your website directly on your screen.
  • You can different types of pages to your podcast site, like contact, blog, and about pages.
  • If you need just a very basic site, it doesn't take too long to build it.

Cons for using Wix for your podcast website

  • Using a one-size-fits-all website builder could be not an ideal choice, as it is not tailored specifically for podcasting as podcast websites have some specifics.
  • Wix website builder is a really powerful tool, but it takes time until you learn how to customize your website and make it exactly the way you want it.
  • Integration and customization options with a Wix podcast player are limited and it could be tricky to configure everything.
  • Podcast-oriented templates are limited and very basic.
  • Considerable manual work is necessary to get started.
  • Customer service - keeping in mind how big Wix company is, they have thousands of customer service agents, but often they are not able to answer your podcast-specific questions, and you get just generic answers and links to Wix documentation.

Conclusion – Wix podcast websites

Wix is a very popular one-size-fits-all website builder, also it's a powerful tool, but the biggest issue is that at the same time, it's so complex, because there are so many different features that you don't need as a podcaster, and some key functionality and features are missing at all. You can try it as after playing around it's easier to understand if it's the right thing for you. However, there are great alternatives like OnPodium - a website builder for podcasters. The best way is to check both Wix and OnPodium which would help you to understand the difference - and yes, I'm biased here, but such platforms like Wix were our biggest motivation to build a website builder for podcasters that help fellow podcasters to get rid of never-ending issues with their podcast websites.

Instead of choosing a one-size-fits-all solution for your podcast website, try OnPodium podcast website builder, it has only features that are relevant for you as a podcaster and it's very easy to manage and customize your website because there are no redundant features built-in. If you want to choose a well-established and popular solution to build your podcast website, it would make sense to consider WordPress as it is the most popular option among podcasters so far. It's not probably an ideal choice, we've covered the main cons here, but it may be a better fit compared to Wix.

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