March 29, 2020

7 Reasons Why Your Podcast Needs a Website

7 Reasons Why Your Podcast Needs a Website
Podcasting is now being used by a lot of experts and marketers who want their viewers to have an insight into what they do. Podcast is being listened to at least once in a month by 32% of Americans. In 2019, 750,000 podcast were active. People now make use of podcast for every topic you can think of, ranging from big brands to people with niche interest.
Do you need a website if you’re a twitch streamer? No you don’t. Or even a YouTuber? You also do not need one. Here’s why: a website is the only place were all that content is consumed.  A podcast is not relegated to just one app, there are lots of apps out there that it is used on. And so, your show generates great results because having a website is now a key aspect of your show.


When you add website to your podcasting activities, you’re giving way to a means by which your content can gain complete and total awareness: search engine optimization is that tool. One sure way of searching for any particular topic online is through search engines like Bing and Google and this is done by just entering a search query, which is why at least 93% of experiences on the internet starts with the use of these search engines. What an SEO-optimized website does is to make it is easy for your listeners to find any topic you discussed in your podcast when they make use of any search engine of their choice. You can make it is easy for your listeners to find you and also gain new subscribers when they use search engines by creating partial scripts of each single episodes and summaries optimized for phrases and keywords.  


Podcasting is essentially a social experience. Because it is an inclusive medium whereby the listeners are made to feel like they’re having a one on one conversation with the person at the other end which is why a lot of them appreciate podcasting. It is a known fact in this digital world we’re in that there’s no way content can survive and flourish without interaction, with the way social media is on the rise. Your listeners can comment and send in their questions when you add contact forms to your website and in the ‘mailbag’ editions of your podcast, they’ll get your reply to their questions. You can openly interact with your listeners by using the comment section under posts connected to some particular episodes and you can get potential topics and guests for upcoming episodes via a poll. You’ll get more faithful listeners if they feel included and they will in turn get their friends and colleagues to listen to the next episode of your podcast.


The outlook of your website is vital to you sealing the deal and getting new listeners, you also need to make sure that your listeners are exposed to quality content like:
  • The host’s bio
  • Press page
  • Reviews section
  • Extra shows they can listen to
  • Ad kit
  • Where to listen
  • transcription
  • Community engagement
  • Top episodes
  • Contests and giveaways
  • For journalistic use, you can have images of the show in different formats
A lot of websites have found these very helpful. Anytime people inquire about my show or I get asked to recommend other podcast or when I’m a guest on another podcast, I always have to submit a bio or headshot. My level of preparedness is high and I function better because these pages are accessible.  


Most time when you get new listeners on your podcast, it’s not because they’ve heard your maiden episodes before, what they’re just looking for is where they’ll get to listen to all the contents and episodes they need. Listeners can have easy access to old and new episodes on your website when you create an archive that can be accessed and searched. New listeners can easily become new subscribers when you make it easy for them to find your content. With an archive, all your episodes can be viewed in one place.  


Being able to capture the emails of your listeners does wonders for you in the marketing department, and also when you want to launch another project. This won’t be the only project you’ll work on, seeing as you’re very creative and you’ve already started a podcast. Won’t it be amazing if you already have up to 1,000 subscribers on the first day of you launching your next project? Most definitely! This is why you need to start capturing mails by creating a newsletter.  


When people love your show, they’ll want to contribute and this will make them visit your website to know how they can help out. They’ll be looking for where to donate or shop for something. Let them have the chance to do this! Provide these options on the website that will allow them to show their support for the show in any way they can or donate.


You’ll be able to understand better where your listeners are coming from when you add Google Analytics to your podcast website. An alert can be set to notify you when the people who visit your website go above a particular threshold. I have been notified a lot of times when someone blogged about me or posted about me in a forum or one time when I was actually trending in an app. If the analytics was not telling me where my audience were coming from, there’s no way I would have any idea about any of these information. You’ll have an understanding of why and how people are coming to your site when you know this and this will in turn assist you in giving your visitors quality content.

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