OnPodium is the easiest way to build a professional website for your podcast.

Whether you podcast as an amateur, a professional, a hobbyist, or an entrepreneur, your main goal is to get your podcast heard. Podcasting is an incredible medium, but creating a podcast and winning listeners isn't as simple as it might seem.
Most podcast hosting companies offer a basic website that lists your episodes and allows viewers to play them. But that's not enough. How can you really stand out?
You've probably heard about WordPress. We love WordPress and think it's one of the best platforms for building and running a website, but podcast websites are a little more complicated. A podcast website shouldn't be just a simple, beautiful, static website. You need specific features if you want your website to help you grow your podcast. It is still possible to achieve that with WordPress (or any other general website builder). Still, you need to purchase a custom template suitable for podcasts, install and configure the plugins, and take several more complicated steps that take a great deal of time. OnPodium makes all this simple so you can focus on what you do best – making a great show.

Our Story

Our mission is to help you reach more listeners for your podcast.

We saw a need, and we built an easy-to-use solution that doesn't require you to be a design expert. We've been working as freelance developers for more than ten years, and in late 2017 one of our clients asked us to develop a website for his podcast. He wanted us to provide a complete solution for his podcast topic. He also requested several core features, like SEO optimization, a user-friendly player, the ability to auto-publish a new episode page where new episodes appear in the RSS feed, a responsive design, and the possibility to make the website shareable–he wanted it to easily direct visitors to their favorite platform.
Our client also had a custom domain for his show and wanted to publish the website to that domain. He also asked us to find a safe, affordable, and reliable (99.9% uptime) hosting provider. No pressure, right?
Well, we built that website for our client, which matched his requirements. The client was thrilled with his website, and a few weeks later, we received another request to build a website from a podcaster that saw his website. We noticed that the second client's project requirements were very similar to the first, so the second project was much easier for us. After countless hours and many iterations, we had the final result ready to go and published in the cloud.
Over the following months, our business of building podcast websites started to snowball. Finally, after a few years of creating and publishing professional websites for dozens of podcasters, we decided to stop and think outside the box. To us, two things were clear:
  • Podcasts need more than just another static website with decent images.
  • There had to be an easier way for podcasters to develop great websites.
We started from scratch with two straightforward questions: "Why do podcasters need websites?" and "What kind of website should it be?"
Our goal was to find out what type of websites podcasts currently have, starting from the very niche show with ten listeners and ending with the best-known names in the podcasting world. Here is what we found:
  • Most small and mid-size podcasters, as well as newcomers, don't have podcast websites at all.
  • Other websites are just basic, static, HTML sites, automatically built by the (podcast or website) hosting provider.
  • Websites are typically poorly built, outdated, slow, and look like they were built in the early 90s.
  • Only big-name podcasters have great websites that stand out from the crowd.
After contacting hundreds of podcasters, we came to some conclusions:
  • Small and mid-size podcasters don't have websites because it's too expensive.
  • Maintaining a website takes too much time, so podcasters dedicate that time to podcasting instead of publishing/configuring and doing other "magic" with plugins/code snippets, etc.
  • Podcasters who invested in their website and have a great-looking design say it's the #1 thing that helps them to grow listenership and represent their show online.
This is our story so far. OnPodium was born as a solution for your podcast website. We are always available to our users and want to help you succeed. We hope that you find our service helpful. If you ever have questions, please feel free to contact us at support@onpodium.com.

The Pricing

We want to be fair. We decided early on to offer a reasonable, straightforward price. As we learned, the huge cost of building and hosting a website is often the main reason podcasters choose not to have a website for their show. Therefore, we opted for a monthly fee closely tied to our overhead. We want to provide podcasters with an option to meet their needs without breaking the bank.