About OnPodium

OnPodium is the easiest way to build a professional website for your podcast.

At OnPodium, we understand that the heart of podcasting is to be heard. Whether you're an amateur, seasoned professional, hobbyist, or entrepreneurial podcaster, the challenge is the same—resonate with audiences far and wide. Standard offerings from podcast hosting services—basic websites that simply list and play episodes—fall short in helping you truly distinguish your podcast and offer more.
We recognize that podcasters have unique needs. With other site builders, the road to a podcast-ready website can be long and full of speed bumps, with specialized templates, installation and configuration of numerous plugins, and other issues that will just waste your time. A podcast website is not just another site; it’s a dynamic, living platform that must cater to specific functionalities to amplify your podcast's reach.
Enter OnPodium. Our solution streamlines the complex, reducing it to simplicity. We provide you with the specific features necessary for growth, all while sparing you the technical heavy lifting. With OnPodium, your focus remains unswervingly on what you do best—crafting a captivating show for your audience.

Our Story

Our mission is to help you reach more listeners for your podcast.

At OnPodium, our mission has always been clear: amplify your podcast's audience. Recognizing a gap in accessible, user-friendly digital solutions, we channeled our decade-long experience as freelance developers into a specialized platform that doesn't demand design expertise.
Our story began when a client approached us in 2017 with a vision for his podcast's digital presence. He needed a comprehensive solution—robust SEO, an intuitive player, automatic updates from RSS feeds, mobile responsiveness, and easy sharing across platforms, all anchored to his custom domain and supported by reliable hosting. The challenge was immense, but so was our commitment.
The website we crafted not only met but exceeded expectations, sparking a word-of-mouth chain reaction. With each new project, our proficiency grew, streamlining our process through countless hours and iterations. Our venture into crafting podcast websites quickly gained momentum.
Yet, as we forged ahead, we paused to reassess, asking, "What do podcasters truly need from their websites?" Our research was telling: many hosts lacked a web presence entirely, and those with sites were often stuck with basic, outdated templates that failed to captivate.
Through conversations with hundreds of hosts, we distilled our insights:
  • Small and mid-sized podcasters often forgo websites due to high costs.
  • Website maintenance demands time that could be channeled into podcasting.
  • Those who invested in high-quality website design credited it as pivotal to growing their listenership.
Armed with this understanding, OnPodium emerged as the answer—a platform designed to empower every podcaster with a standout website. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, and our team remains at your service. We invite you to experience the difference OnPodium can make. For any inquiries, our support team at support@onpodium.com is ready to assist.
This is more than our story—it's the beginning of yours with OnPodium.


We want to be fair. We understand that the costs associated with building and hosting a website can deter podcasters from establishing their online presence. So, we've intentionally set a reasonable, straightforward monthly fee that aligns with our operational costs—no more, no less. Our goal is to empower podcasters with a financially accessible solution that addresses all their web needs, ensuring the path to a broader audience and professional online identity without breaking the bank.