September 14, 2021

How to effectively promote podcasts on LinkedIn

How to effectively promote podcasts on LinkedIn
Over the past decade, podcasts have experienced a steady rise in popularity and it just keeps growing as more and more people discover and listen to them on daily basis. According to the latest statistics there are currently 850,000 active podcasts and with such numbers it becomes hard to expand your audience, while finding new listeners to enjoy your show. Here promoting each episode comes in handy. The question is: How to do it effectively? Here you’ll find 10 simple ways to promote your podcast on LinkedIn.

Make sure to start with a catchy, attention grabbing name

The name of your podcast is what could grab your listeners attention. It is the first thing that people notice when they stumble across your show. One way to have a nice name is to make a nice tie-in with the company’s name as well as the theme. You could also combine a couple of words to make your own, for example word “Team” and “Chemistry” here you get “Teamistry” which is a really nice name that Atlassian used for their podcast. It should be noted that in LinkedIn this step is even more important. Because with 740 million members on this platform it becomes pretty hard to stand out, so make sure to try and do that with the right name.

Don’t forget the hashtags

Once you have an interesting name for your podcast and might as well a recorded show, make sure to add relevant hashtags. Hashtags bring new listeners as well as show a little bit about the context of the show. You could pick simple, popular hashtags that shortly define your podcast’s theme. Here are some of the most popular on LinkedIn: #innovation, #management, #digitalmarketing. You can easily expand your audience by adding a few more hashtags. You could also consider sharing articles in applicable LinkedIn groups. Sharing the episode on any other social media channels is also useful.

Try to build a community

Building a community is hard, however there are podcasters who succeeded at this. How? There are many factors on this one, but one way is to encourage podcast comments, reviews and write them on other podcasts too. It is not only useful for communication, but also, because of LinkedIn’s algorithm. Take for example a great post on LinkedIn, in a few days it might have tons of likes, but without comments it will soon disappear. So try to encourage comments as much as possible.

Build relationships with other podcasters

Connecting with other podcasters is important, because of many reasons. First of all it is great to know people whose content and shows is complementary to yours. It helps you to get new ideas, improve. The second reason is promotion. If you built a relationship with another podcaster, you could publicize each other’s shows, become a guest of one another’s podcast.

Create a personal background

A blue LinkedIn background is a wasted opportunity to show the meaning and the context of your show. Having a personal background can tell the listener the idea of your show and could also grab the attention of new potential listeners. Use your image to reinforce your message.

Join or create LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups can be a little bit complicated. Since some of them eventually become inactive or have members that constantly spam the activity of the group. Now that is not what LinkedIn groups are about, because the idea of them is to build a new community and relationships as I mentioned before. So if you’re lucky you might find a group with members just like that. When you’ve joined a group make sure to be nice, don’t spam each episode there instead answer questions, be communicable, encouraging and engage with the people there.

Audio is extremely important!

Audio may not seem as the most important step to take in your podcasts promotion. But believe me it is. Having a recap of each episode you make may have your listeners interested in the full episode. Also I want to note that social profiles like LinkedIn love video for promotion more than anything! So use this to interest your audience and interact with them.
To sum up, on LinkedIn there are many ways to promote your podcast, but the content of your show remains the most important. LinkedIn is also a great platform for promotion, audience gaining. The platform itself has many members and 35% of them enjoy listening to podcasts, it is also free and offers many ways for promotion (native blog posts, comments, groups, etc.).

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