August 10, 2021

How to get more podcast reviews

How to get more podcast reviews
Getting podcast reviews is great and helpful for you and your show. Great feedback easily attracts new listeners and encourages you to improve on the flaws of your show. However, despite the fact that we are all living in a social media era, getting reviews can be pretty difficult and tricky. Here we’ll share 6 ways to encourage your listeners to leave feedback and get more podcast reviews.

Tell your audience how to do that

On some platforms leaving a review can be more difficult than on others. In such cases it all comes down to you. It is important that you, as a creator, make sure that your audience doesn’t have to go through many obstacles when trying to leave a review. To do that you can take some time in the beginning or the end of your show to explain the process of it on the platform you’re using. If you have a Youtube channel related to the show, consider making a video on it.

Ask for reviews at the end of your show

This is a very effective and commonly used way of getting more reviews, comments or subscriptions. It is used widely in different areas like youtube videos, podcast shows and more. If you ask your listeners to leave a review at the end of your show, not only you’ll show that you care about their opinions and feedback but also you’ll remind them of doing it. This way your audience, at the end of the episode can share their opinions about it and name things they enjoyed or not so much.

Run a contest

If the steps above do not encourage your listeners as much as you wish it would, mix things up and try to run a contest. All it takes is a few rules, a prize you want to give away (could be something really simple like exclusive episodes, a piece of merch or a shoutout) and you’re good to go. Tell your audience about it during one of your episodes, it could sound something like this: The first 5 people to name 3 things they liked about the episode and 3 things they did not get a prize! With such contests you can get many reviews in a really short period of time.

Comment on other podcasts

Leaving a comment for other podcasters can be equally helpful to you and the other creator. When you leave a review on another show you are most likely to get a review back. You could also email the creator, tell them about your feedback and ask for one in return. By leaving comments on other podcasts you can also be noticed by the listeners of the show. Most of us check the comment section of youtube videos and podcast episodes anyway. Some people might even find your comment interesting and will want to check out your show.

Reach out to your loyal listeners

After a while of hosting a show you get a handful of listeners who would never miss an episode of yours, so make sure to reach out and ask their opinion about the show, encouraging them to leave a review on their favourite episodes.

Read out some of the reviews

The last way to encourage your listeners to leave feedback is to read out some off your favourite reviews. Make sure to mention who wrote it, because people will really appreciate it. This way you will give your listeners more encouragement to write helpful and insightful reviews, because later on they might be read out loud. It also makes them feel like they are part of the show and their opinion matters, which all creators should clarify if they are reaching for a close podcast community and more reviews.

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