July 09, 2020

4 Key Tips A Podcaster Can Use To Increase Their Audience Base

4 Key Tips A Podcaster Can Use To Increase Their Audience Base
A surefire way to expand your audience is to develop eye-appealing, relevant content, but getting that in front of your target audience means finding a way that speaks to them. A podcast is one option that can take on many forms – some you may like; others not so much.
However, you need to make sure that your podcast is exposed to its target audience. What can you do to ensure your podcast is well-received by your intended audience?
Website Optimization 
It doesn’t matter how informative your podcast is, if your website isn’t optimized correctly or poorly, then your podcast will suffer for it. Don’t do this to yourself. You want your target audience to visit and listen to the podcast. Be sure to focus on the critical aspects of your website:
  • Create an About page. This page should let your audience know what to expect from you and how it can benefit them.
  • Create a Subscribe page. With this page, you can link to places like Google, Apple, Spotify, etc. You can help them to subscribe by letting them know why and how to do so.
  • Create a Contact Listing page. This will help you to stay in touch with your audience and vice versa. Be sure to include your social media links and email address.
  • Create SEO-Dedicated Page. Be sure every episode has an SEO-optimized page that contains notes about the show on it. 
  • Create a descriptive domain name that is both memorable and easy for people to spell.
  • Ensure your site is desktop and mobile-ready and optimized.  
One more thing: don’t forget to include social sharing buttons on all posts, so it’s easy for your listeners to promote the podcasts. 
Add Calls-to-Action
A big problem podcasters make is overlooking the need for calls-to-action. They either ignore their current listeners with calls-to-action or forget to use calls-to-action entirely. 
It doesn’t matter if you have two listeners, 50 listeners or 1,000 listeners, these individuals will help spread your message to a broader audience (friends and family). Before ending every podcast, ask the listener for a favor if they feel they’ve benefited somehow.
Some podcasters just ask their listeners to do a review, but this only goes so far. It doesn’t help in increasing the number of people who listen to your message. 
It would be best if you had a more impactful call-to-action, such as asking your listeners to recommend someone who would enjoy and benefit from the message you have conveyed. A way to increase the chances of them sharing is to make a game of it. For example, you could tell your listeners to share the podcast on Twitter with an @mention the show in their tweet. You can thank individual listeners in the next podcast for following through. 
Create Eye-Appealing, Descriptive Titles 
The only way people will listen to your podcast is if you give it a descriptive, impactful title. While you can use a naming system such as Episode 5, labeling podcasts with numbers won’t entice your target audience to listen. After all, there is no idea of what the message is in it. Why should they listen to your podcast?
You need to create a hook that lures them into listening to your material. What you settle on depends on the content’s message. Keep in mind that titles that include “5 tips to” or “7 ways to” tend to be the most successful in improving listenership.  
Now, if these don’t work for you and your podcast, don’t use them. You do need something beyond “Episode 6” for your intended audience to tune into your message.
Reach Out and Work With Other Podcasters
You might assume that podcasting is a lone sport, but the reality is that a fellow podcaster can be a friend and help you with expanding your listening base. If you notice another podcaster talking about topics similar to your own, consider reaching out and collaborating with them. Work together and share the message between each of your listeners. 
You can also do a promo swap, where both of you play a small segment of the other’s show for a short time.  
Another option is to co-host a show that you can both then publish on your website, social media, etc. 
When it comes to podcasting, you can expand your audience reach, but only if it’s done correctly. If your website isn’t correctly optimized or you’re not giving unique titles to the episodes, you won’t get very far. Use the four tips above to start making your impact on the podcasting world today!

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