October 25, 2021

Promoting your podcast on social media- Do's and Don'ts

Promoting your podcast on social media- Do's and Don'ts
Social media is one of the best ways you can promote your business, because on social media you not only get a chance to target your audience by their interests and behaviours, but also because social media overall, takes a big part in our lives these days. Therefore, it’s a great place to encourage your followers and subscribers to go and listen to your podcast. But how can you do it right? Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts when promoting your podcast on social media.

Do: Post consistently

Successfully promoting your podcast on social media requires consistency. You can’t just post on a whim, because it will make it very difficult to reach and engage with a consistent audience. We all know that social media moves quickly, new posts, tweets, and pictures are uploaded every second, so it is important to post as frequently as you can. This will help your followers know when to expect an upgrade on your status and more.

Don’t: Just let people know there’s a new episode. Give more details!

I believe that all of us have seen a post on Instagram or Twitter that sounded something like: New episode out now! Go check it out!. Just how many of us actually did go and listen to it? Probably, not a lot. On social media people see loads of ads and promotions everyday, so to promote your episode correctly and actually make people want to go and listen to it is a real challenge. In order to do that you are going to need to put in just a little more effort than just let people know about the new release. You will need to give details. Insert some memorable quotes mentioned in the episode, give a short summary about the show and sprinkle it all with a little bit of humour. When you do so, you might actually convince your audience that the podcast is worth their time.

Do: Use a lot of hashtags

Hashtags are incredibly useful, when in need to expand your audience. They make your posts discoverable and reach new people across social media. So when you’re promoting your podcast make sure that you add hashtags related to the particular topic you’re writing about.

Don’t: Forget to add visuals

Podcasts are mostly about sound and voice. When you’re hosting a show, sound is something you focus on and constantly try to improve. However when you have to promote your show on social media, the rules change. Social media is all about pretty faces, views and really anything that pleases the eye. So when you’re trying to promote your podcast, really focus on the pictures and photos you will be adding.

Do: Encourage your audience with prizes

You should never downplay how much people love winning. Whenever you add a prize or something your followers can win you can see how your audience fires up. Because who doesn’t want to win an item while scrolling through social media? That’s why it is a really great idea to have a small contest every once in a while. The prices can be small or bigger, it depends on the resources you have, but either will work.

Do: Experiment and see what works best for you

When you start promoting your podcast on social media, don’t try out one strategie and stick to it. Experiment, see what works best! Try out different social media platforms, different strategies, ways of letting people know about your product.
All and all social media is a great way to promote your show, but it needs to be done correctly in order to work. These 6 tips above can help you achieve that, but there are more that you can discover on the way, some that will work for you and not for others (and, of course vice versa too). With time and experience one day social media might be a thing that expands your audience better than anything else!

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