June 02, 2022

How To Write Great Podcast Show Notes That Help You To Grow Your Audience

Write Great Podcast Show Notes
We've already covered show notes writing a while ago, but today we want to share some more insights on this topic. Show notes can be an incredible asset to your podcast by giving you a way to engage with the audience and provide great information. Let's take a closer look to find out why show notes are an important part of your podcast and will be worth the added effort.

The Benefits Of Show Notes

Show notes come with many great benefits. Here are a few reasons why writing show notes are the perfect avenue to share with your listeners.
There's no doubt that show notes can be difficult to share with podcast listeners over audio. Podcast show notes let you share information and create an effective call to action that listeners can easily take advantage of.
Your Show Notes Can Include:
  • Your Membership Platform Link
  • Affiliate Links and Discount Codes
  • Sign Up for Newsletters
  • Summarize An Episode
  • Share Links To Your Podcast Episode

You will have a place to share your information and help you monetize your podcast. Show notes are great ways to convert traffic from your site to your podcast. You can entice viewers to subscribe to your show if you include key points and meaningful quotes in these notes. Listeners are more than likely to post comments about your content on social media like Twitter and increase your exposure.

Optimize SEO

SEO keywords and strategies can increase your performance in podcast apps and search engines.
If you optimize your podcast's SEO, the better your chances are that listeners will come across it and listen.
Show notes can increase your accessibility for listeners who have difficulty hearing.
Increase the number of guests through cross-promotion.
If potential guests see that you promote other businesses in your show notes, they will probably agree to be on your podcast.
As a host, this action could help you book more podcast guests and have more opportunities for cross-promotion.

Promote Past Episodes

Show notes can help you link older episodes that could be reflected in your current episode.
You can link to past episodes for listeners to go to and keep everything relevant.
What you should include in your show notes will depend on your preferences. You can create your notes however you see fit.

SEO Optimized Title

When you optimize your show notes, it will help your podcast show up in searches.
Use keywords for:
  • Your episode title
  • Episode summary and intro
  • Description and body text
  • You can determine your keywords using a tool like Keywords Everywhere
  • Decide what listeners are searching for that's related to your topic
  • Episode Descriptions

Affiliate Links

Just making a brief comment on your podcast about an affiliate is just not good enough. Your listeners need a link to check out the product and make a purchase. You should include your affiliate links and discount codes in your show notes to support your monetization efforts and increase your conversions. Be sure to link to any additional resources as well. You can also add links to any quotes, data, articles, or any other material you need to increase your credibility.

Call To Action

Your call to action is an important step if you want your listeners to take after they have heard your podcast. Your CTA can include:

Note – limit yourself to only one CTA per episode so your listeners do not become overwhelmed.

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